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  • This tracker is ideal for use when you have access to the inside of the vehicle. It plugs in to the On Board Diagnostic port (fitted on cars since 1996) and is thus powered by the car's battery meaning that you never need to worry about re-charging your tracker. It texts its locations to your smart phone, plus you can view more tracking detail on our app or even more by logging in to the tracking console on your computer.

  • Use this tracker if you cannot get access to the inside of the vehicle. Track by smart phone or computer. Fixes to the outside of the vehicle by its strong built in magnets. Two week battery life between recharging.

  • Three year contract includes installation and hardware/onsite warranty plus SIM data and superb tracking console with full reporting suite for just £15.99 per month plus VAT.

  • Optional extension lead for use with our In Vehicle (OBD) trackers, can be of assistance in hiding the tracker away or in positioning it differently to get a better GPS fix.