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Covert Magnetic GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker which reports its locations in real time. View current location and previous journeys using our online tracking console on your computer or laptop, or see where it is right now using the mobile tracking app for smart phones & tablets.

Powered by three disposable AA batteries (we recommend using Duracell), this will track for about two weeks with average driving.

Fitted with two strong magnets, this is ideal for attaching outside a vehicle and is suitable for a wide range of covert surveillance uses.

Price Including Delivery £149.00

Tracker Size: 105mm x 72mm x 32mm

Tracking Consoles: Online tracking console for viewing on computers or laptops – includes current location and journey history. Mobile version for mobiles, smart phones & tablets. Your tracker will be linked to your tracking consoles by us before despatch and your username and password can be found in the instructions supplied with your tracker.

Running Costs: Batteries, credit for SIM card – use with the supplied UK pay as you go Virgin SIM, the cost of which works out at 33p per day if you opt for the Big Data & Texts top-up tariff. We provide you with a swipe card linked to the tracker’s SIM card so it’s easy to top up your tracker’s credit remotely

Complexity: Suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Supplied fully set up and linked to online and mobile tracking consoles. Straightforward instructions are sent with the tracker and we are here to help if needed.

Tracking Frequency: Every 30 seconds whilst vehicle moving.

Accuracy: Locations accurate to within a few metres. Note that if GPS signal is hindered by poor positioning of the tracker or for example by tall buildings, dense trees and similar then accuracy may vary.

Deployment: Switch the tracker on by adding batteries and take it for a walk or a drive so that you have some sample tracking locations on your tracking console. Log in to your tracking console and check you can see these locations. Think about where you are going to position the tracker:

  • It needs GSM & GPRS (mobile phone & internet) coverage in order to report in – this is not normally an issue in most of the UK.
  • It needs a GPS fix in order to get its location – this means you may hide the tracker away under a certain amount of plastic, material, glass etc. but not metal. It will only track indoors if near a window. It won’t track in underground car parks or in, for example garages. If fitting on the outside of a vehicle using the magnetic bracket a good idea is to reach it up behind the rear plastic bumper cover where it should affix to the metal of the car, be shielded from view and excess water and will be able to get a good GPS fix.

Once you have found somewhere you think is suitable, test the tracker in that position and adjust positioning as required.