Business Vehicle Tracker

Contract Business Vehicle Tracker


View current and historic locations, fuel economy and driving standards using your computer or smart phone.

Product Description

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency and many are turning to vehicle tracking to help them do this.

Our Business Vehicle Trackers deliver savings in time and money whether you run one or one hundred vehicles:

  • Eliminate unauthorised journeys – reduce mileage and save fuel
  • Employees are less likely to under perform when they know they are being monitored.
  • Your mobile workers will carry out more jobs per day as late starts and early finishes are eliminated.
  • Reports make it easy to check mileage claims.
  • No more phone calls to employees to find out where they are.

The intuitive tracking console allows you to view current locations on screen, review individual journeys and generate comprehensive driving reports. You will also be alerted to adverse vehicle behaviour situations including out of hours mileage, speeding and excessive driving time.

Power Source: Vehicle battery.

Back-up Battery: Built in as a contingency against interruption in vehicle’s power supply.

Tracker Size: 135mm x 70mm x 22mm.

Tracker Weight: 135g

Tracking Consoles: Downloadable, feature rich and interactive tracking software (requires Microsoft Windows).

Online tracking console for on-the-go light use.

App for iPhone and iPad.

Running Costs: Monthly subscription £10 per tracker excluding VAT.

Initial twelve month contract.

SIM: Included and SIM running costs are covered by the monthly subscription.

Tracking Frequency: Locations are recorded every minute and uploaded to the server every two minutes.


  • The tracking console is intuitive and easy to install and use; we supply you with everything you need and ensure your trackers are linked to your tracking console.
  • These trackers need wiring into the vehicle. This is a matter of making three connections: positive, negative and ignition.
  • We can arrange optional fitting at cost if required.
  • Straightforward instructions are sent with the tracker and we are here to help if needed.