Mini GSM Listening Device


Superb little GSM listening device – the audio quality is fantastic. Simply call it to listen in.


Dial the number of this tiny GSM listening device from anywhere in the world and you will be able to listen in around it with amazing clarity. The built in microphone will pick up sounds clearly up to 7 metres away.

In addition, you can set its sound activated alert function so that it calls you when sound levels around it exceed 45 decibels. For this feature to work the SIM cardmust have credit or minutes available to make the call.

Supplied with a SIM card and easy to follow operating instructions.

Battery Life: Voice activation function off: standby time 12 to 15 days. Voice activation function on: standby time 3 to 5 days. Standby time is reduced by listening in.

Battery Type: Internal, rechargeable.

Size: 53mm x 38mm x 17mm.

Weight: 40g.

Running Costs: If you choose to use the function where the Voice Tracker calls you if sound is detected it will use credit at normal call rates for that call from the SIM card.

SIM Card: Accepts any. Supplied with a UK pay as you go Virgin SIM complete with a swipe card for easy remote credit top up if needed.

Complexity: Suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Very easy to use, just dial the number of the SIM card in the bug from your phone.

Straightforward instructions are included and we are here to help if needed.


  •  Charge the bug fully using the USB charging cable supplied and add credit to the SIM card if you intend to use the voice alert function.
  • Remove slide cover and insert the SIM card. A red light will flash to indicate Voice Tracker is now switched on.
  • Call the phone number of the Voice Tracker’s SIM to listen in around it.
  • If using the voice alert function, send it the activation text.
  • Position so that it is hidden away and yet with the microphone as unobstructed as possible. For example on top of kitchen unit or wardrobe; under chair.